Simply beautiful. Beautifully intuitive.

We believe apps should be simple, beautiful and intuitive. They should be so simple you don’t need a manual, so beautiful you forget you’re working, and so intuitive they feel natural. Apps should make your life easier, not clutter it with unnecessary details. So we created Floq with this in mind. Floq helps you find out what people think about your product, people or group, and how you compare to the rest of the world. It helps you ask questions and get answers easily. So easily, in fact, you may begin to wonder what you ever did without it.

Not sure how to word your questions?
We have a suggestion… or four… or five!

There are loads of ways to word questions and sometimes it can be hard to know the right question to ask. Floq’s clever autosuggest feature will dish up options for you as soon as you start typing. Choose from thousands of questions from “Rate the level of enthusiasm in our company out of ten” to “What do you think of our new Hawaiian pizza”. The more questions you choose from our question pool, the more useful your benchmarking will be. Creating a survey on your local Eskimo tribe’s opinion on the latest iPhone and don’t see anything you like, then write your own questions and, if you’re the sharing sort, these will pop into the pool for the next tribe to use. Now wasn’t that nice of you.

Changing the way you create surveys.
One question at a time.

Some questions need short answers; others just need room to breathe, that’s why we’ve created more than 21 different question types. Are you after multiple choice? Or maybe a rating scale or a comment box? Well, whatever the type, we’ve got your back. Choosing is as easy as using the popup modal and simply clicking on the type you want. We’ll also give you some handy recommendations about which question type others folks used for this same question so you’ll never be stuck wondering what a likert scale is – god knows we’ve wondered…

Professional templates, designed by consultants, or… you

Our lovely sister company Integral Development has given us the master key to a big collection of more than 15 years’ worth of data from surveys of all kinds; customer feedback, culture and sustainability surveys; along with 360 feedback, team, and organisation surveys. This means we can give you a crystal clear look at the health of your organisation and compare it to others using our benchmarking data. And if you’re not really fussed if they come from our uber nerdy professors and management consultants, you can use one of the many templates shared by any one of the other lovely folks in the Floq community.