Jonah is the brains behind our name… and a few other things. He’s also a director at Integral Development, a boutique leadership development firm. In another life he was head of marketing at the Art Academy in London and a professional artist. He likes to drink tea, meditate, read ferociously and has a thing for colourful spreadsheets…weird. Mike is always dreaming of the next big technology release for Floq. He’s also MD of software company KKL and WA Branch Chair of the Australian Information Industries Association. Mike graduated from the University of Western Australia with honours in Engineering and Computer Science, specialising in AI. He hopes Floq will one day dream of electric sheep.
We’re all envious of this guy! David spends his hours spreading the word about floq on facebook, twitter and all the other cool social apps out there. He’s got more than 12 years’ experience in digital marketing technologies and before coming on board with us he consulted on all things social media with his company Red Fez Social Media Services. Brinley can build, break and fix anything. He was born in Singapore, graduated from UWA with a Computer Science degree 15 years’ ago and has been working in the tech industry ever since. In his free time, he enjoys contributing to open source projects such as ndiswrapper and jSignature. Brinley can drive a tank and had the pleasure of training in chemical warfare during a short stint in the Singapore army. We treat him nicely.
Rod holds the position of Software Developer for Floq. Rod graduated from UWA in 2004 having completed a Bachelor of Computer Mathematical Science with double majors in IT Applications and e-Commerce. Prior to joining Floq Rod worked for iiNet for 2 years during which he helped develop functionality for FetchTV’s IPTV set top box product. Sudi is our resident intern and helps the team with testing Floq to make sure it’s working properly when we roll out new features. We’re still working on getting him to make coffee though. He got his Masters at UWA and has been in Perth for 3 years since leaving Chennai to come study here. When he’s not swimming you can find Sudi telling stories to his friends or beating everyone at cricket.
Chris is our design genius and one of Perth’s youngest digital art directors. He’s often up until two am crafting Floq into the sexy beast it is. When he’s not designing each of Floq’s beautiful pixels he’s contemplating how to add to his rather extensive set of tattoos. Neil’s the networker who spreads the word about Floq. He has over 15 years experience in business development, 9 of those in digital media working with Hitwise and other data loving companies. Before sustainability was all the rage Neil kicked off his own green startup Ecode Media. Neil has a Masters of International Business from the University of Sydney.
Michael is Floq’s resident brain and holds a whole string of degrees.  Seriously.  He has an enormous amount of experience in Organisational Psychology and currently lectures at the University of Western Australia. We tap into Michael’s wealth of knowledge to help with our bespoke surveys and enterprise clients.  In his spare time he enjoys mountain biking in lycra, aerobics and making life for Mark (see right) as confusing as possible. Mark is Floq’s resident Survey Expert and our go-to guy for advice in designing our killer templates. After studying Commerce at Sydney University Mark then travelled across Australia, eventually settling in Perth where he was introduced to Integral Theory. A self-confessed Ken Wilber groupie Mark meditates daily and stretches out to yoga as often as possible.