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Startup Nation Infographic

Australia might not be top of mind as a hot spot for digital innovation but with Aussie companies like Kaggle, Atlassian and 99Dresses making a dent in the digital universe it’s only a matter of time before Australia is as well known for digital startups as it is for swimmers and world class rugby teams.

To shine some light on the Australian startup ecosystem we just released the Startup Nation map, the first interactive map of digital startups down under:

The Startup Nation map shows startups from throughout Australia and across categories; from digital marketplaces and ecommerce websites to social apps and mobile games. Startup founders, teams, venture capitalists, co-working spaces and incubators have filled out the survey.

The map updates itself daily and is compiled from our ongoing survey of the digital pulse:

The survey is constantly open, so if you want to add yourself to the Startup Nation map click through. If you just want to go on the map just answer the questions to do with the map, and if you’re happy to add to our anonymous study on digital startups complete as much as possible.

The survey/study is designed to see how supportive digital entrepenurs have found the Australian ecosystem, and to test if the long held view that areas with more supportive ecosystems have a higher success rate for startups.

Along with the map going live we also put together an infographic on five of the questions from the survey. Participants were asked to rate how supportive are your friends, family, mentors, investors and your city overall, on a seven point scale from very helpful to very unhelpful.

This first set of results show that mentors and advisors are the most supportive aspect of the startup community. Friends follow and then family and cities. Investors come out as the least supportive aspect of the Australian startup ecosystem. The map shows a breakdown of the major cities and how they fared in each of the above categories.

We’ve also included a summary Floq score by adding the averages from each factor (family, friends, mentors, city and investors). On this Sydney is currently coming top of the pack.

Check out the infographic below or recent coverage of the map in our press section. A note of caution though, the survey and map are constantly being added to so the numbers on our press release and infographic get old pretty quick – we’ll work on showing some of the cool stats live.


Floq Startup Nation Infographic

Mapping the Australian digital startup ecosystem




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