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A picture is worth a thousand words

We just wanted to let you know about a few updates to Floq. Pictures As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so you’ll be pleased to know you can save yourself around nine hundred and ninety nine of those words and ask folks what they think about an image by adding  images to your survey, form or quizz. If you pick the new “Image” option as an question type you’ll now see the option to add an image, so you can find out what people think of your latest web designs, product packaging or logo. Adding Contacts We’ve also made it easier to add contacts to your respondents list from Gmail, Flickr, Yahoo and a few other accounts. Just open the ‘Respondent’ section, create a respondent list and click the import button, then link your accounts. Social Log In You can now log in with Google, Facebook and Twitter. When logging in click on the social icons and then link these to your existing Floq account. We are working on adding the contacts from these to your respondents list and will keep you posted. Sharing We’ve also made it easier to get your public surveys, forms or quizes out and about. You can now add sharing icons for Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook to the thank you page that pops up when people finish the survey. So if you’re keen to get your questions in front of as many people as possible this is a great way to … Continue reading

Startup Nation Infographic

Australia might not be top of mind as a hot spot for digital innovation but with Aussie companies like Kaggle, Atlassian and 99Dresses making a dent in the digital universe it’s only a matter of time before Australia is as well known for digital startups as it is for swimmers and world class rugby teams. To shine some light on the Australian startup ecosystem we just released the Startup Nation map, the first interactive map of digital startups down under: The Startup Nation map shows startups from throughout Australia and across categories; from digital marketplaces and ecommerce websites to social apps and mobile games. Startup founders, teams, venture capitalists, co-working spaces and incubators have filled out the survey. The map updates itself daily and is compiled from our ongoing survey of the digital pulse: The survey is constantly open, so if you want to add yourself to the Startup Nation map click through. If you just want to go on the map just answer the questions to do with the map, and if you’re happy to add to our anonymous study on digital startups complete as much as possible. The survey/study is designed to see how supportive digital entrepenurs have found the Australian ecosystem, and to test if the long held view that areas with more supportive ecosystems have a higher success rate for startups. Along with the map going live we also put together an infographic on five of the questions from the survey. Participants were asked to rate … Continue reading

Startup Nation: Community vs. Success in Australian tech startups

There’s a lot of buzz right now about entrepreneurship, innovation and the startup ecosystem with reports out of the US from Startup Genome ( a listing site for angels, VCs and startups by US tech clusters) and Startup Compass, (a great website with superb research and a benchmarking tool). And, we must say, we’re loving it. After all, we’re a tech startup too and are certainly facing our own challenges in our first year. Knowing that we can reach out to the global community and sift through data to help us benchmark our progress makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, especially because we happen to be based in the most isolated city in the world! While the likes of Startup Genome, AngelList and Startup Compass are doing a great job of taking a big picture look at global innovation, we want to zoom in on Australia; scrape it with a fine-tooth comb and take a close-up snapshot of our ever evolving tech startup scene. Startup Nation Through quarterly pulse surveys the Startup Nation project aims to create a picture of the different factors that contribute to a vibrant startup community in Australia. We’ll do this by using the Floq platform to publish and distribute simple pulse surveys to the industry, and then publish our findings through interactive maps, infographics, white papers and more. In this first survey we’re aiming to find out how important physical communities are in supporting startups and entrepreneurship. We spend endless hours in front of … Continue reading

We’re looking for people. People to play with our shiny new web-app.

After several months of crafting we‘ve finished most of the core features for Floq, but we need help polishing it up That’s where you come in. You and your gorgeous hands. Hands that can help us polish, play and craft Floq into the best way to check the pulse of a group. You can now register to take part in our private beta, and if your hands are the right ones, you’ll be trying it out before the masses and helping us shape Floq. We built Floq because we think two heads are better than one and that wisdom can indeed come from the crowd. We thought getting group feedback should be as easy as asking a group of your friends over dinner or shooting out an email to your team, but with the added benefit of knowing how your friends or colleagues opinions compare to the rest of the world. The Big Picture Everyone loves the big picture. Big screens at the cinema. Mountain top panoramas and views from the window seat on a plane.  However the problem with other survey applications is they don’t give you the big picture. If you ask a few questions to your customers about what they think of your new branding, there’s no way to find out how their opinion compares to the norm. Getting answers from your customers is great; but knowing how your results stack up against others is awesome. You might think a score of 4.5 is below average; just about … Continue reading

We’re Hiring

We’re looking for someone. Someone to help sell our wonderful shiny new web-application to the masses. Our start-up is ready to launch and we need another pair of hands to help it take flight. That’s where you come in. You and your brilliant rollerdex – except you don’t have a rollerdex, you have a very very long list on your iPhone. You’ll be many things to us: a charismatic sales guy or girl, a lover of start ups, an awesome networker, a strategist and ideally a teller of humorous jokes. You’re bold, you’re stupidly ambitious, and you don’t get scared when we say we want a ton of users. (ok you might get a bit nervous but you’re more excited). You can sell ice to Eskimos. But you wouldn’t. Because you’re very very nice – even if a little mischievous. While others say you’re a superb sales person you don’t think you’ve sold a thing in your life. You just love things and have a knack of helping others share the love. You’re energetic, entrepreneurial and intelligent, with a history of exceeding your targets. You’re capable of developing business from scratch and excited about getting involved in a start-up. You make mistakes – you’re human – but you know why you’ve made them and you’re humble enough to admit it. You know your way around technology. In fact you love it. And like us have many apps on your phone. You love metrics, charts, numbers and data and use them … Continue reading

Alpha Version Launched

We’re excited! And not because it’s nearly Christmas, but because after lots of blood, sweat and no tears we’re launching our Alpha version. After designing, coding and crafting for the past few months we’re keen to get some feedback and make sure this little puppy is perfectly polished before our beta release in the new year. Building on our big brother Integral Developments’ experience providing consulting recommendations and surveys we saw an opportunity to provide an intuitive, intelligent and beautiful benchmarking and survey web-application. Floq will allow people to gather feedback through surveys and ratings, and then benchmark themselves against others businesses, people or products. We’re excited because Floq is beautiful. Floq is intuitive. Floq is intelligent. Very intelligent. In the past creating a survey  was about as easy as building a submarine under water. Floq is about to change this. How? Well, I’m glad you asked. Let’s say you run a coffee shop and it’s long been a favourite. That was until a new swanky cafe down the road starting stepping on your turf. So what have they got they you don’t have? Is it just the novelty or is there coffee really better? Floq will allow you to create a customer feedback survey, made easy by Floq’s intuitive ability to offer up popular and related questions, scooped up from previous café’s surveys. By the time the tenth coffee shop creates a survey using Floq, there’ll be benchmarks for all coffee shops to compare themselves and their customers’ preferences. … Continue reading