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Simply beautiful. Beautifully intuitive.

We believe apps should be simple to use, beautiful to look at and available for everyone. They should be so intuitive you don’t need a manual, so beautiful you forget you’re working, and used so often they become one of your trusty go-to tools.

Floq is Online Surveys and Benchmarking

Get the answers you need, now

Floq is the simplest way to find out what people think. It helps you ask better questions so you get better answers, and then see how you compare to the rest of the world. So easily, you'll begin to wonder what you ever did without it.

Floq is Online Surveys and Benchmarking

Auto Suggest

Floq’s clever auto-suggest feature will dish up options for you when you start typing. It's that easy.


Drag and Drop

Don't like the order of your questions? Floq makes life easy with the simple drag and drop function.


Custom Branding

Customise the look of your surveys with your own logo and custom CSS. A piece of art without all the hard work.


Professional Templates

Launch your surveys in seconds with a professional survey template.

Ask anyone, anywhere, anytime!

We’ve made it super simple for anyone to respond to your questions using any channel. Whether they’re chillin’ in an igloo or waiting in line for a double espresso, you’ll get traceable, real-time responses with no 'pay-per-response' headaches.

Floq is Online Surveys and Benchmarking


Use good ol' fashioned email to survey your contacts and get feedback.


QR Codes

Find out what your customers think with QR Codes on receipts, stickers and menus. Learn More


Get social - publish and distribute your surveys through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Embed in your website

Send people to your own website to fill out the survey. How fancy!


Print a PDF

Want a tangible, hardcopy? No problems, we've made it easy for you to print.



Send out a simple, short weblink so people can simply click through and fill out your survey.

How do you stack up?

Getting answers from your surveys is great; knowing how you compare to others in your marketplace is awesome. Floq let’s you do exactly this.

Floq is Online Surveys and Benchmarking

Beautiful Reports

We'll forgive you if you spend hours staring lovingly at your reports. We have a slight crush too.


Comparison benchmarking

Context is king. We've built benchmarking into Floq's core so you can make the most informed decisions.



Get more detailed analysis by slicing and dicing your results any which way you please.


See the big picture

You can easily compare your results over time so you can see the bigger picture.


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